The beginning of THE whole story

Studies were done concerning the link between consumption of polyphenols and cognitive decline, this is the beginning of the whole story, and why we looked further to improve and demonstrate this approach for pets.

We found out that specific polyphenols, containing really small molecules, called monomers, were the source of the health benefits linked to cognition.

As such, the next step was to find out which ingredients contain enough of this kind of molecules (monomers) to be efficient, here’s what we discovered …

Champagne & Bordeaux grapes

Champagne grapes contains mainly monomers, to enrich it with polyphenols we needed to extract from a red grape, so we chose the Bordeaux variety, as it contains the most polyphenols.


Wild Canadian blueberries

At the same time, while developing the project, a study was done in Canada about the real benefits of wild blueberries on memory.

The association of grapes and blueberries allowed us to optimize the combination of polyphenols and to improve one of the main effects of cognitive decline, memory.

Grape Champagne field
Hand comb

The Harvest of Champagne and Bordeaux Grapes

As they were in the 17th century, the Champagne grapes are hand picked to ensure the highest quality. Concerning the Bordeaux grape harvest, it can be done by hand picking or mechanically depending on the size of the field.

Both ingredients are AOC products (Protected Designation of Origin).


It starts when 90% of blueberries are ripe, it happens normally beginning of August. It is done by hand picking, hand picking with a comb, or with a motor-driven comb. This ensures the best treatment and quality of the product.